“Climate change is not just about science – it’s about the future we want to create”. That is the title of the brilliant article below by Chris Rapley and Duncan Macmillan in 2014 which then reminded me of why I threw myself into renewable energy around 2007 and thought if I don’t do my very small bit, how can we expect others to do it for us. Please have a read. 


Today, I attended the “European Renewables: Leaders or Followers?” conference in London chaired with great enthusiasm by Richard Nourse. Amongst many fascinating discussions, we had a talk from Emily Shuckburgh, a climate scientist and deputy head of the Polar Oceans Team at the British Antarctic Survey. What amazing work she is doing with her team on understanding the role of the polar oceans in the global climate system. I was left reinvigorated and once again reminded why I feel so strongly about the acute need for continuing the fight against carbon. Thank you Emily. 

Many thanks to Evan Lawrence, Sarah Sweetman and the team at European Renewables for organizing a great day.